Republicans in Wisconsin have just passed a stunning curb on the powers of incoming Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers. They’ll also retain a big majority in the statehouse, despite winning a decisive minority of votes. Rule-rigging like this, and a similar effort underway in Michigan, is just the latest indication that the GOP doesn’t want your vote to count, says Jill Richardson.

Meanwhile, we look at the legacy of the late George H.W. Bush. Domenica Ghanem wonders if it’s as different from Trump’s as some mourners like to think. And I explain why arguing about dead presidents is a really healthy thing.

Also this week, Jasmine Aguilera reports on how people south of the border are reacting to the White House’s anti-refugee politics. Sam Pizzigati offers an idea to stop health care executives from preying on cancer patients. And Khalil Bendib hilariously illustrates the current state of the Trump campaign’s 2016 cover-up.

New This Week….

Republicans Don’t Want Your Vote to Count | Jill Richardson
They’re trying to overturn the will of voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and maybe a state near you.

It’s Good to Argue About Dead Presidents | Peter Certo
New debates, especially on overlooked subjects, bring new vibrancy to our civic life. In death, even flawed politicians can do us that final service.

Is Bush’s Legacy So Different From Trump’s? | Domenica Ghanem
Some may mourn Bush’s more “respectable” presidency. But looking back, one sees the very same race-baiting and cruelty.

Lessons from South of the Border | Jasmine Aguilera
In Tijuana, some Mexicans have embraced the Trump line on Central American migrants. But others have welcomed them with open arms.

Executives Make Millions Misleading Cancer Patients. Here’s One Way to Stop Them. | Sam Pizzigati
Cancer-treatment executives are reaping fortunes off misleading marketing. We should make that less profitable.

Subtle Obstructions | Khalil Bendib
The Trump campaign’s 2016 activities are now about as well covered up as Trump’s hair piece.

In Case You Missed It…

Marijuana Legalization Comes to America’s Heartland | Paul Armentano
Pro-legalization politicians and ballot initiatives won big in red, blue, and purple states across the heartland. That shouldn’t be surprising.

Hell-Care in Michigan | Nicole Braun
My loved one was abruptly dropped by Medicaid, which is potentially life-threatening. This is what happens when politicians don’t treat care as a right.

Free the Free Press from Wall Street Plunder | Jim Hightower
Our right to a free press is meaningless if hedge funds can gobble up and gut the community newspapers that exercise it.

What Does Inequality Cost the Average American? About $150k | Sam Pizzigati
Americans pay a steep price for not spreading their wealth around as well as other developed countries.

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