This week, Arnissa Hopkins offers a reminder: It’s Black History Month. But between the impeachment proceedings and the now all-white 2020 presidential race, the annual observance seems to have gotten very little coverage.

Meanwhile, Olivia Alperstein reports on another major issue that’s gotten very little press or debate attention: the Trump administration’s shredding of nuclear arms control agreements — and, even more alarmingly, its deployment of new nuclear weapons.

Also this week, Jill Richardson calls the Trump administration’s plans to cancel student loan forgiveness for public servants a broken promise to those (like her) who already took out the loans. Jim Hightower says it’s a lie that consumers get health care “choice” in a corporate-run system. And Khalil Bendib quips that the USSR may be dead, but long live the USSA.

New This Week…

Don’t Forget, It’s Black History Month | Arnissa Hopkins
February is supposed to be Black History Month — but this month, there hasn’t been much celebrating.

We Need to Treat Nuclear War Like the Emergency It Is | Olivia Alperstein
Alarmingly, the Trump administration is shredding arms control agreements and deploying “more usable” nuclear weapons.

A Broken Promise to Teachers and Nonprofit Workers | Jill Richardson
Trump wants to cancel student loan forgiveness for public servants. But what if you’ve already taken the loans?

The Lie of Health Care ‘Choice’ | Jim Hightower
In our corporate-run health system, consumer “choices” are shaped entirely by profit-seeking monopolists.

Welcome to the USSA | Khalil Bendib
Complete with sham trials and a would-be president for life.

In Case You Missed It…

Who’s Afraid of ‘Socialism’? | Peter Certo
Americans were taught to associate “socialism” with dictatorship and “capitalism” with democracy. Are those days over?

Lessons from Ministering on the Border | Sr. Kathleen Erickson
As a Sister of the Church, I believe Americans have a moral obligation to learn more about why Central Americans are forced to seek refuge here.

Trump’s Border Wall Is an Ecologist’s Nightmare | Kelsey Yule
Blowing up mountains, bulldozing sacred sites, guzzling groundwater — the wall is turning border ecosystems into a grim dystopia.

Scared of Coronavirus? Get Your Flu Shot | Jill Richardson
The flu kills far more people than coronavirus. The panic isn’t just irrational — it’s taking on a darker edge.

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