This week, President Trump tapped Brett Kavanaugh to join the Supreme Court. If that nomination goes ahead, it could threaten the 45-year-old Roe v. Wade ruling, which most famously protects access to legal abortion in the United States. But, as Olivia Alperstein explains this week, the privacy protections enshrined by Roe also underpin many other rights Americans take for granted, which could vanish if the ruling is overturned.

Kavanaugh would join a court that’s already deeply hostile to labor rights, among other things. This week in OtherWords, Bob Lord looks at some big ideas that could restore workers’ bargaining power, even if old-fashioned unions stumble.

Also this week, Mitchell Zimmerman explains how U.S. policies created the refugees now being cruelly denied or imprisoned at the border. Jill Richardson explains what an upcoming Pride Parade means to her this year. Jim Hightower skewers the New York Times for getting it wrong on a grassroots progressive movement. And Khalil Bendib thinks those Trump tariffs are backfiring.

Finally, don’t miss Saurav Sarkar’s story about why he got arrested this summer — and why you might, too!

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Peter Certo

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