How have the four progressive congresswomen known as “the Squad” responded to Trump’s racist attacks? By introducing bolder than ever policies to help workers and rebuild the middle class. This week in OtherWords, Sarah Anderson and Negin Owliaei report on how the four lawmakers are keeping the focus on issues and ideas amid the most vile attacks.

Speaking of those attacks, the so-called Party of Lincoln has almost unanimously refused to condemn them, and often embraced them outright. Tracey L. Rogers dredges up some history to show why that’s less ironic than it may appear.

Meanwhile, we look at America’s health care crisis. Andy Spears explains why Tennessee is a perfect case study for why rural areas need Medicare for All. And Jim Hightower talks about that other northbound caravan — the Americans who have to stage cross-border raids into Canada to afford life-saving drugs.

Also this week, Jill Richardson explains what it’s like to come out in a conservative rural community. Katherine Newman reports on the reality of seniors living in poverty. And Khalil Bendib has a terrifying new portrait of the Trump immigration regime.

Finally, last week we forgot to include a link to Rachel Hodes’ excellent piece on campus censorship. Here’s one now. Don’t miss it this week!

New This Week…

When They Go Low, the Squad Goes Bold | Sarah Anderson and Negin Owliaei
The four congresswomen are responding to vile attacks with bold ideas to combat inequality — and help their constituents.

Can the Party of Lincoln Be Racist? Absolutely | Tracey L. Rogers
The Great Emancipator was an open white supremacist who wanted to send freed black people “back to Africa.”

To Save Rural Hospitals, Pass Medicare for All | Andy Spears
Until everyone has access to health coverage, we’ll continue to see the devastating impacts of medical debt and struggling hospitals.

Retirement Shouldn’t Mean Poverty | Katherine Newman
Social security helps, but growing inequality means millions of elders are just barely making it.

Coming Out in Rural America | Jill Richardson
Being gay in Montana taught me you don’t just come out once — it’s a continual process of deciding who should know, and who shouldn’t.

America’s Other Desperate Caravan | Jim Hightower
While Trump demonizes Central Americans, he ignores those desperate U.S. citizens also driven north — to Canada — by drug prices.

Cold as ICE | Khalil Bendib
We used to say we fought terror. Now we practice it.

In Case You Missed It…

Critics of Campus Activists Don’t Care About Free Speech | Rachel Hodes
They complain when students protest hateful speakers, but not when shadowy conservative groups and politicians write laws to punish our speech.

A Trump Plan to Throw 55,000 Kids Out of Their Homes | Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Rose Ramirez
A proposed rule would strip housing benefits from U.S. citizens if they’re found to have family members with the wrong immigration status.

McDonald’s: Stop Exploiting Our Schools | Cecily Myart-Cruz
So-called “McTeacher’s Nights” rip off teachers, schools, and McDonald’s workers under the guise of raising funds.

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