As Congress negotiates a new coronavirus relief package, many states are already reopening their economies… with potentially deadly results. This week in OtherWords, Negin Owliaei reflects on the grim reality that workers are going to die from this rush to reopen — and reports on their efforts to fight back.

Meanwhile, as politicians from Mitch McConnell to Andrew Cuomo trade shots across the aisle, the Rev. Liz Theoharis calls out both parties for adopting a scarcity mentality when it comes to COVID-19 relief. She points out that billionaires are making out like bandits during the crisis, so there should be ample funds for relief.

Also this week, elected officials Janice Li and Svante Myrick celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by lifting up some elected Asian Americans who are working to make their communities better during this challenging time — while often facing down bigotry.

Finally, Jill Richardson ribs Jerry Seinfeld for his dated views on gender and marriage in his latest Netflix special. Jim Hightower thinks comparing CEOs to pigs is unfair (to pigs). And Khalil Bendib masterfully illustrates the cauldron of corruption in William Barr’s Justice Department.

New This Week…

Reopening the Economy Is a Death Sentence for Workers | Negin Owliaei
The wealthy may be fine with sacrificing the vulnerable, but workers are fighting for the sanctity of human life.

Don’t Let the Politicians Divide Us During This Crisis | Rev. Liz Theoharis
We have the resources to survive this crisis, but politicians on both sides of the aisle are using division to force false choices.

Facing Down Bigotry — and a Pandemic | Janice Li and Svante Myrick
Against harassment and bigotry, Asian-American officials are finding ways to care for their communities through this crisis.

Seinfeld’s Tired Take on Women and Marriage | Jill Richardson
Judging by his latest Netflix special, maybe Jerry Seinfeld should try couples counseling instead of standup.

CEOs Aren’t Pigs. That’s Unfair — to Pigs | Jim Hightower
Pigs are intelligent animals with a sense of social responsibility. CEOs are looting taxpayers funds meant for small businesses.

The Rule of Lawlessness | Khalil Bendib
When it comes to impunity in this administration, it’s no holds “Barred.”

In Case You Missed It…

I’m a Frontline Nurse in Arizona. We Need Masks, Not a Border Wall. | Alex
Wall construction threatens to put our rural hospital systems in the borderlands at a much higher risk.

Time for an Emergency Charity Stimulus | Chuck Collins and Helen Flannery
Vast private foundations are sitting on over $1 trillion in assets. In this crisis, we need to get that money to frontline nonprofits.

If Small Businesses Aren’t Essential, Neither Is Collecting Rent | Scott Klinger
Without rent and mortgage relief, millions of families and smaller landlords could lose their homes and businesses.

A Death Sentence for Meatpackers | Jill Richardson
Meatpackers are contracting COVID-19 and dying. Trump is requiring them to work — and shielding their employers from liability.

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