California is suffering its deadliest wildfires ever. But don’t ask the president about climate change — he only wants to talk about rakes, apparently. Jill Richardson explains this week, while Khalil Bendib shows the president fiddling while America’s largest state burns.

Against that backdrop, the administration has tapped a big coal supporter to join a nonpartisan environmental regulatory body. That’s unacceptable, says Todd Larsen.

Also this week, Dreya Moore explains what immigrants have meant to her Lancaster, Pennsylvania community, and how a new administration policy would punish them simply for not being wealthy. Sue Dinsdale reports on how trade wars hurt all Americans in farm country, regardless of whether they farm themselves. And Bob Lord argues that the new Congress needs to break up snowballing fortunes at the very top.

Finally, with holiday shopping season upon us, Jim Hightower recommends skipping Amazon’s “Cyber Monday” and supporting real local businesses instead. And Ayate Temsamani explains why you should skip out on those toxic paper receipts.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at OtherWords! We’re thankful to have your eyeballs each week.

New This Week…

California Is On Fire. Trump’s Solution: Rakes? | Jill Richardson
America’s largest state is suffering one of its worst climate catastrophes to date, but the president refuses to see the obvious.\\

Skip Cyber Monday — Support a Real Local Business | Jim Hightower
The online shopping day is just another ploy by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to siphon sales from real stores.

I’m Making It My Business to Stand Up for Immigrants | Dreya Moore
Immigrants have enriched my Lancaster, Pennsylvania community. Now the administration wants to punish them for not being rich.

Trump’s Trade Wars Hurt All of Us in Farm Country | Sue Dinsdale
When agriculture suffers, all Iowans do — even those who’ve never set foot on a farm.

The Senate Needs to Put People Before Pipelines | Todd Larsen
Last year, a little-known commission killed a boneheaded idea to make consumers prop up the coal industry. Now Trump wants to give an industry loyalist a seat.

Can the Next Congress Chase Down America’s Runaway Wealth? | Bob Lord
The last Congress ensured that America’s wealth will concentrate ever more rapidly at the very top — unless the next one does something about it.

Say No to Paper Receipts This Holiday Season | Ayate Temsamani
A great gift to give yourself — and the planet — is to skip out on those chemical-coated slips of paper.

Fiddling While California Burns | Khalil Bendib
Fanning the flames of climate denial.

In Case You Missed It…

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The party’s leaders have been far too cautious in the past. Newer ideas could spark real change in who owns and runs America.

Beto O’Rourke’s Lasting Legacy | Jasmine Aguilera
Maybe states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia aren’t as fundamentally conservative as people thought.

Why Holiday-Season Arguments With Relatives Are So Frustrating | Jill Richardson
Most of us think if everyone just knew the facts, they’d agree with us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

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