This week, fresh off his lavish, taxpayer-funded care for his own COVID-19 diagnosis, President Trump abruptly announced an end to negotiations on a new COVID-19 relief package before the election.

This week in OtherWords, Rosaline John Baptiste, an unhoused domestic worker, reminds us of the deep suffering of the most vulnerable people in the country while this drama plays out. And Robert P. Alvarez marks a bittersweet Hispanic Heritage Month by reflecting on the impact the pandemic has had on his community as well.

On the far, far other end of the spectrum, Sam Pizzigati explains how Trump deducted huge payments he made to his  daughter Ivanka, lowering his tax bill while sticking working people with the tab.

Also this week, we look at the Supreme Court. The Rev. Susan K. Smith explains the danger of allowing Trump’s nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, anywhere near cases involving the 2020 election. And with right-wing justices on the court broadcasting their intent to reverse a ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, Jill Richardson reflects on the suprising history of marriage, gay and straight, in the U.S.

Finally, Jim Hightower reports on voter suppression in Florida, while cartoonist Khalil Bendib imagines the GOP’s chickens coming home to roost.

New This Week…

Remember the Truly Vulnerable | Rosaline John Baptiste
I’m an immigrant domestic worker and I’ve lost my home. We need relief, regardless of our immigration status.

Amy Coney Barrett Has No Business Ruling on This Election | Rev. Susan K. Smith
The president has openly said he expects her to back him in a contested election. She should recuse herself — and we should resist her.

How Taxpayers Funded ‘Consulting Fees’ for Ivanka Trump | Sam Pizzigati
The president reduced his tax bill by writing off large payments to his daughter. He calls it “smart” — tax lawyers call it criminal.

A Bittersweet Hispanic Heritage Month | Robert P. Alvarez
This year, we’re facing high COVID-19 infection rates, job losses, and voter suppression. But we are resilient.

The Surprising History of Marriage in the U.S. | Jill Richardson
Right-wing judges want to delegitimize same-sex marriage, but these unions date back to the colonial era.

Florida Republicans Are Nakedly Suppressing Votes | Jim Hightower
They’ve defied the Constitution and the will of the state’s voters, but it’s not too late to stop them.

The GOP’s Chickens Come Home to Roost | Khalil Bendib
Turns out denying COVID-19 is a great way to catch it.

In Case You Missed It…

You Paid More Taxes Than Donald Trump | Chuck Collins
There are two tax systems in America: one for you and me, and one for the wealthiest 0.1 percent.

The Pentagon Took Money for PPE and Bought Weapons | Phyllis Bennis
Make no mistake: The Trump administration’s heartlessness and militarism are costing lives.

The Great Irony of Trump’s Taxes | Jill Richardson
The president had just released an executive order calling America a “meritocracy” when records of his own tax avoidance came out.

Trump Lied to Heartland Workers | Chuckie Denison
Trump is bragging about his jobs record in the Midwest. So why didn’t he lift a finger when 14,000 GM workers were laid off?

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