This week in OtherWords, Sarah Anderson explains the rationale for levying a tiny tax on financial transactions and Jim Hightower pokes fun at the GOP establishment for thinking that making Paul Ryan the Republican presidential nominee constitutes a winning strategy.

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This will be the last week that we’ll run a column by John Kiriakou after showcasing his writing over the past year. It’s been a joy and an honor for me to serve as his editor while he transitioned back to life on the outside following his outrageous incarceration for blowing the whistle on torture by the CIA.

Supreme Obstruction, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Supreme Obstruction, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Wall Street Should Pay a Sales Tax, Too / Sarah Anderson
    When a high-rolling trader buys millions of dollars’ worth of stocks or derivatives, there’s no levy at all.
  2. Give “Tax and Spend” a Chance / Isaiah J. Poole
    More and more Americans are realizing that raising taxes could actually be a good deal.
  3. The United States of Flint / Olivia Alperstein
    Our outdated infrastructure will fall apart if we don’t invest in repairing it — that’s just physics.
  4. Ohio Proves It: Rehabilitation Works / John Kiriakou
    The Buckeye State may be the most progressive in the union when it comes to youth prison reform.
  5. A Sweet Tax / Jill Richardson
    A new British law will charge the companies who make sugary drinks, not consumers.
  6. Operation Paul Ryan / Jim Hightower
    Republican insiders are as confused as goats on astroturf when it comes to grasping Donald Trump’s appeal.
  7. Supreme Obstruction / Khalil Bendib


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