This week in OtherWords, John Kiriakou, Donald Kaul, and Khalil Bendib weigh in on the real crimes that are surfacing thanks to the legal woes disgraced former House Speaker Dennis Hastert faces.

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  1. Tightening Whose Belt?/ Josh Hoxie
    As a millennial, I take the push to ditch the estate tax personally.
  2. We’re All Taking Dirty Pictures/ Elizabeth O’Connell
    Cloud computing comes with an enormous environmental price tag.
  3. Government by Bagmen/ Donald Kaul
    Our experiment in self-governance has spawned a highest-bidder-take-all bazaar.
  4. Three Felonies a Day/ John Kiriakou
    In the world’s most incarcerated country, some high-profile sex offenders walk free.
  5. A Green-Energy Founding Father/ Emily Schwartz Greco
    Scott Sklar fights for independence from fossil fuels by being whimsical and wonky.
  6. Not About Us Without Us/ Jill Richardson
    If you want to understand people who are different from you, listen to them directly.
  7. Odd Bedfellows for Liberty/ Jim Hightower
    How one Democrat, one Republican, and one American in exile fought back against bulk surveillance.
  8. Tip of the Hastert/ Khalil Bendib

    Tip of the Hastert, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

    Tip of the Hastert, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

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