This week in OtherWords, Jim Hightower says we’ve run out of words to describe the weirdness of this year’s GOP presidential race and Jill Richardson explains why you should replace your non-stick cookware.

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Clear-Cut Paternity Case, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Clear-Cut Paternity Case, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib


  1. What the GOP’s Supreme Obstruction Means for Women / Martha Burk
    Senate Republicans are leaving women in limbo on several crucial issues.
  2. Your Tax Dollars Enable Police Brutality Abroad / Chris Toensing
    Washington wants to loosen aid restrictions even as security forces crack down on innocent Egyptians.
  3. What Are Trump’s Values — and America’s? / Mitchell Zimmerman
    At every opportunity, Trump comes down on the side of meanness, fear, and hatred.
  4. Trump’s America: A Shining Outhouse on a Hill / Donald Kaul
    I give up.
  5. Requiem for a Wrecking Ball / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Fracking pioneer Aubrey McClendon epitomized the oil and gas industry’s destructive nature.
  6. Torching the Truth / John Kiriakou
    The Pentagon is trying to cover up the toxic effects of its deadly burn pits.
  7. Toxic Teflon / Jill Richardson
    It’s time to ditch nonstick cookware — and then reform our laws.
  8. There Are No Words Left for the GOP Charade / Jim Hightower
    Convincing people that their lives can be better by making other people’s lives worse is a recipe for fascism.
  9. Clear-Cut Paternity Case / Khalil Bendib


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