This week in OtherWords, John Kiriakou, Cecilia Velasco, Jill Richardson, and I unpack Pope Francis’s whirlwind visit. The pontiff had a lot to say about climate action, justice for immigrants and the incarcerated, and making amends for the Catholic Church’s past mistakes. We’ve put his words and deeds into context.

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Hating in Harmony, an OtherWords op-ed by Khalil Bendib

Hating in Harmony, an OtherWords op-ed by Khalil Bendib

  1. Jeb Bush Blows It on Race / Raul A. Reyes
    His quip that black voters want “free stuff” is pretty rich.
  2. A Pilgrimage for Love, Justice, and Dignity / Cecilia Velasco
    One hundred women walked 100 miles to celebrate the pope’s message on migration.
  3. You Can’t Fire Us, We Quit / Donald Kaul
    So that’s the trend: If you want to save the Republican Party, give up your job.
  4. Francis Gets Served the House Specialty / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Lawmakers passed an anti-environmental bill right after the pope urged Congress to protect nature.
  5. Pope Francis and the Pain of Prisoners / John Kiriakou
    The pontiff had compassionate words for the incarcerated, but I wish he’d said something to their guards, too.
  6. Junipo Serra’s Unsaintly History / Jill Richardson
    The recently canonized Spanish missionary brought indigenous Californians much more than just “the good news.”
  7. Carly Fiorina Proves You Don’t Want a CEO for a President / Jim Hightower
    This personification of corporate greed is now throwing out a blizzard of lies to hide who she is.
  8. Hating in Harmony / Khalil Bendib cartoon


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