The Drug War: More Wasted Money and Lives

The Associated Press recently reported on some exhaustive research, undertaken by the nonprofit International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. These tireless scholars examined 300 studies covering the past 20 years, evaluating the public good arising from police crusades against drug peddling.

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The Danger of Invisible Corporate Power

Let’s face it: Large corporations have our country, and us, in a death grip. Some of their bad behavior makes big headlines: the BP oil disaster, Goldman Sachs’ financial shenanigans, Enron’s book-cooking. However, equally dangerous corporate activity happens every day, far from public view.

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Do Yourself a Favor, Rand: Stop Talking

There’s no doubt about it: The tea party is on a roll. Its support helped propel Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat; it led the way in shouldering aside ultra-conservative Robert Bennett in Utah’s Senate primary, in favor of an even more conservative candidate; and it was a factor in forcing Florida Governor Charlie Crist to leave the Republican Party to run as an independent. And finally, as the pièce de résistance, it saw one of its favorite sons–Rand Paul, son of Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul–win the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky, despite the massed opposition of the entire GOP establishment, lock, stock and Dick Cheney.

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