This week, thousands of students are walking out of classrooms all over the country to advocate for stronger gun control measures.

In case you missed it, we’ve covered this issue a lot lately: Mitchell Zimmerman says that putting armed guards in schools is no alternative to real gun control. Karen Dolan points out that having cops in classrooms has some nasty side effects. And Jill Richardson insists that mass shootings shouldn’t be the only times we talk about mental illness.

This week, Negin Owliaei reports on another huge movement in schools: the West Virginia teacher strike, which may soon spread to other states where tax dollars have been siphoned out of the education system.

Also in OtherWords, Chuck Collins counts the growing number of business leaders who say inequality hurts their bottom line. Jill Richardson says it’s time to have a talk about the costs of “free trade.” And Jim Hightower urges media to ignore the stock market.

Finally, Beth Porter calls on phone companies to shrink the environmental footprint of keeping us connected. And Khalil Bendib observes that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ views on civil rights have been a lot more consistent than his views on “state rights.”


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  1. Teachers Deserve a Raise. Here’s How to Fund It. / Negin Owliaei
    Huge tax cuts for energy corporations have left state school budgets broke.
  2. Business Leaders Agree: Inequality Hurts The Bottom Line / Chuck Collins
    A growing number of corporate leaders say it’s time for them to start sharing the wealth.
  3. Clean Energy is Calling. Will Your Phone Company Answer? / Beth Porter
    We shouldn’t have to accept harmful emissions in the atmosphere to stay connected to our friends and family.
  4. We Need to Talk About ‘Free Trade’ / Jill Richardson
    Trump gets that “free trade” hasn’t been great for American workers. But he doesn’t have much of an answer.
  5. Forget the Dow Jones. How’s Doug Jones? / Jim Hightower
    The stock market is owned by the rich. It tells you little about how ordinary Americans are doing.
  6. Jeff Sessions Vs. Civil Rights / Khalil Bendib
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