This week in OtherWords, Donald Kaul weighs in on the Iowa caucuses and I point out that Donald Trump is pandering to the ethanol industry ahead of the first real electoral contest of his White House bid.

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Oscar, in Black and White, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Oscar, in Black and White, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. I’m Skipping the Oscars / Marc Morial
    The Academy Awards are too male and too pale.
  2. The Pentagon’s Pricey Culture of Mediocrity / Dan Grazier
    A revolving door keeps military brass beholden to contractors.
  3. Turning Our Backs / Isaiah J. Poole
    A growing number of states are booting poor people from assistance programs.
  4. Somebody Will Win / Donald Kaul
    Who prevails in the Iowa caucuses won’t matter much, except in the fevered imaginations of the political reporters covering the spectacle.
  5. Slurp, Baby, Slurp / Emily Schwartz Greco
    Donald Trump is pandering to Iowa voters and the ethanol industry.
  6. An Assault on Justice / John Kiriakou
    Federal prison guards are brutalizing inmates.
  7. Toxic Waste on Tap / Jill Richardson
    Michigan state officials poisoned Flint’s democracy along with its water.
  8. Manna from Hell / Jim Hightower
    While soldiers who go to war risk death, the big corporations that go to war reap perpetual profits.
  9. Oscar, in Black and White / Khalil Bendib cartoon
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