Rights and Democracy

News Flash: Americans Aren’t Anti-Worker

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker decided to use a battle over his state’s budget deficit to go after public-sector workers, a lot of folks in the mainstream media thought this was a smart move. People are tired of “overpaid” government workers and their cushy benefits, according to conventional wisdom. And, after all, Walker had to do something. The state was “broke,” the TV broadcasters told us.

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Islamophobia is Un-American

Earlier this year, hundreds of people turned out in Yorba Linda, California to protest the appearance of two highly controversial Muslim speakers at a dinner held to benefit local charitable projects. The scene outside the social hall quickly turned ugly, even frightening.

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Detroit’s Ruins

Poor Detroit. The bad news never stops. The once-proud miracle of capitalism is the urban equivalent of a homeless family living under a bridge, digging in dumpsters for scraps.

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Newt Fakes It

At last, Newt Gingrich has come bucking out of the presidential chute, shouting “Yippie-ty-yi-yo, here I go!” On March 3, that grizzled old cowpoke working the far-right-wing corral of American politics declared that he’s raring to go for the Republican presidential nomination.

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The Case for Spending More on Public Broadcasting

Once again, America’s public broadcasters face the real possibility that their federal funding will vanish. This time, opponents are using the results of a dubious sting operation and the federal deficit as rationales for scrapping spending. But during an economic crisis, we need more reporting, more coverage, and more accountability, not less.

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Senate Shenanigans

As its opening act this year, the Senate passed a bipartisan resolution to restrict–but not eliminate-a maneuver known as the “secret hold.” The rules still allow a single senator to anonymously delay urgent legislation.

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