This week in OtherWords, Donald Kaul, Peter Certo, and I discuss the Paris attacks and how North America is responding to them — accompanied by a Khalil Bendib cartoon.

We’re also running seasonal fare. Jill Richardson weighs in on the latest war on Christmas skirmish, Jim Hightower salutes REI for keeping its doors shut on Black Friday, and Beth Porter offers advice for greening holiday greetings. John Kiriakou’s latest column delves into how the government turned him into a dissident. It’s drawn from the speech he gave the other day when he accepted the 2015 PEN Center USA First Amendment award.

You’ll find our next newsroom-ready editorial package on December 2 after OtherWords takes a Thanksgiving break. We hope that your time with family and friends this year will be relaxing and enjoyable.

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Climate Change in Paris, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Climate Change in Paris, an OtherWords cartoon by Khalil Bendib

  1. Military Intervention Is the Problem, Not the Solution / Peter Certo
    The Islamic State’s latest atrocities are a calculated effort to bring the war in Syria home to the countries participating in it.
  2. How to Be a Merry Environmentalist / Beth Porter
    You don’t have to be a Grinch to get rid of this wasteful holiday tradition.
  3. What’s Next after Kayaktivism in Oregon / Daphne Wysham
    Portland is proving that cities can lead on climate change.
  4. Indonesia on Fire / Sean Driscoll and Clara Summers
    Palm oil has helped ignite one of the worst environmental disasters of this century.
  5. How the Government Made Me a Dissident / John Kiriakou
    Nothing helps you appreciate our constitutional rights like being robbed of them.
  6. Bombs Won’t Cut It / Donald Kaul
    Terrorists are the right wing’s best friends.
  7. Why Justin Trudeau Makes Me Jealous of Canada / Emily Schwartz Greco
    The new prime minister is championing inclusivity and tolerance.
  8. They’ve Got the Red Cup Blues / Jill Richardson
    Griping over Starbucks is no way to share the Christmas spirit.
  9. Stop Shopping, Start Living / Jim Hightower
    REI is doing its part to preserve the spirit of Thanksgiving.
  10. Climate Change in Paris / Khalil Bendib cartoon



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